Home Brewer

Home Brewer

Virginia, Home Brewer | Photo Credit: Kayla Phaneuf via
Virginia, Home Brewer | Photo Credit: Kayla Phaneuf via Unsplash
"I get to connect with other people that know coffee like I do"

Name: Virginia, USA

Role: UX Designer that works remote at home

Age: 27


Role + Tasks + Goals 🛠️

As aI want toSo that

connect with my customers and a new way around coffee

I can better serve them and make our cafe a central part of the community

Coffee Brewer

See what coffee people are drinking and find new coffee roasters

I can expand the potential coffee I am drinking and find more coffee that matches my taste

Coffee Enthusiast

Find new brewing methods and recipes

I can serve coffee exactly how the customer wants it

Responsibilities 💼

  • Outside of work she enjoys brewing coffee for the energy, but also as process and hobby
  • She loves trying different coffee from multiple roasters, but knows she already spends too much money
  • Loves purchasing the latest and greatest brewing gadgets and devices

Pain points 📌

  • Money and price of specialty coffee
  • Ethics & Sustainability of coffee industry

Core Needs 🧱

  • Buying from trusted and socially good roasters
  • Quality coffee

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