Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster

Arno, Roaster | Photo Credit: Sean Benesh via
Arno, Roaster | Photo Credit: Sean Benesh via Unsplash
"There's a lot of home brewers and micro roasteries but not enough time to get round to every roastery or cafe to try everything so more often than not, most coffee drinkers are buying bags, going in blind to the experience and business are losing people because of bad first cups due to lack of education or information available on the coffee"

Name: Arno, South Africa

Role: Coffee Roaster and Producer

Age: 44


Role + Tasks + Goals 🛠️

As aI want toSo that

Roast to a profile that is desirable to people in the local cafes

People purchase my coffee and want more


experiment and grow the right varieties that produce high quality coffee in my region

I can have more variety in my roasting business

Quality Assurance

find coffee with certain flavor notes that sell well and are consistent

so my sales increase season to season

Responsibilities 💼

  • O

Pain points 📌

  • Money and price of specialty coffee

Core Needs 🧱

  • Buying from trusted and socially good roasters
  • Quality coffee

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