Day 25 - Submission

Overall, I have landed in a great spot! I think there is lots of room to do more user testing, building out a backlog, and overall just optimizing some of the user flows. Glide made it incredibly easy to build out the prototype to test the idea and begin to build out this product from nothing. Well, it wasn't nothing.

I document all the coffee I drink here on this page.

I wanted to create something where people could share and explore the coffee they drink and other people drink. The idea began to brew. With few apps that exist around coffee and even fewer that connect people, there is an opportunity to bring people together, globally, through coffee. Certain apps provide minimum social features, but are usually attached to a physical, premium, product that not all have the ability to access. The coffee industry is already a small community and by providing a new way to interact with people within it Filter’d could make specialty coffee more accessible.

As I continued to learn Glide and build out features, I used Twitter and Reddit to gather feedback and gain a few users to test ideas. That went better than expected, but I hope to formally test to validate ideas in the future. I even got completely roasted on reddit, but that really just motivated me to continue the challenge.

I was documenting some light research, user personas, and brand ideas throughout the project in my own notes. That made me want to build the notion site to elaborate on the concept. I did some brand exploration in Figma and quickly integrated it into Glide, even though it can be limited. There is still lots to develop, but it is a huge stake in the ground! I loved interacting with the Makerpad community, so thank you for creating this challenge.

I hope you enjoy experiencing and exploring Filter'd!

Site (Notion + Super):