Day 18 - Slow Day(s)

Took a step back yesterday and today knowing that I would be investing more time this weekend into Filter'd. Hoping that I can approach some ideas with new eyes and start organizing and finalizing thoughts for next week.

A small team of developers found me on reddit and they claim they have been doing a similar project, so we are going to try and connect sometime soon. They have been focusing on backend/data and do not have any UX background. Seems like it will be a interesting conversation.

I think a conversation around sustainability, quality, and access to coffee is something I haven't acknowledged with this solution. It would be very interesting to explore these areas. I received this comment, which sparked some ideas around quality control.

"Hiya! I'm a barista in South Africa and something like this would be really great here! In the city I'm in there's a lot of home brewers and micro roasteries but not enough time to get round to every roastery or cafe to try everything so more often than not, most coffee drinkers are buying bags, going in blind to the experience and business are losing people because of bad first cups due to lack of education or information available on the coffee. Which hands down, needs to change. How do I get in on this??"

For example, a coffee farmer and producer might cup a coffee and give it certain attributes and scores, and then the coffee is sent to a roaster. Could this app be a easy way to communicate across the supply chain and create greater transparency for industry folks and customers?

Happy Friday! If you are interested in poking around the app! Here is the link: